Sunday, September 9, 2007

new codec malware

Please stay away from site!!!!!!


Currently, virus detection is not good. My best recommendation is never download a video file that asks you to install a video codec. Its normally malware. Safe surfing.


MAD - SecuBox Labs said...

Creation: 16 April 2007

IP Range Monitoring:**
by the evil registrar ESTDOMAINS.

Source: infected://
Filename: codec-fun4091.exe
Compil on: Sat Jul 14 15:12:49 2007
Size: 207 727 octects
Packer: NullSoft PiMP SFX
MD5: 3c04ec7f05ccbfdab02e7452ad333866
SHA-1: 9c65d521d0556e10516808fce45c5b3114e9fda1
KAV: Win32.Trojan.DNSChanger.KA

An easy way for a quick analysis is to use a simple NSIS extractor tool for example, uniextrac.

Read the .NSI script:
Push "$TEMP\check.exe" e -o+ -pnLKQ3KC3DPFGgub1PP9bOEm0gg8CF package.tmp

$TEMP = %tmp%
check.exe = unrar.exe
e Extract files to current directory
-o Overwrite existing files
p[password] Set password
package.tmp = compressed files

Rename package.tmp in package.rar
Now, we can extract files on our virtual b0x.

71 205 tmp1.exe
7 199 tmp2.exe


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